Tessa R. Bailey an accomplished equine veterinary student received the $5,000 Hagyard Equine Medical Institute Scholarship. This award is named after Dr. Ed Hagyard. Dr. Hagyard became the first graduate veterinarian to start a practice in Kentucky. Hagyard Equine Medical Institute has been providing uninterrupted, pioneering veterinary care for nearly 150 years. The pioneering and philanthropic spirit which defines Hagyard’s has put this practice at the forefront of equine veterinary medicine.

One enduring aspect of Hagyard’s is a tradition of mentorship which has shaped generations of veterinarians. As custodians of this great tradition, the time is now to help future generations of equine veterinarians. As a lead up to this momentous sesquicentennial for this beloved practice, a perpetual scholarship has been founded in Hagyard’s name to support third year veterinary students who intend to pursue a career in equine practice.

Tessa is a 2025 DVM candidate. She is currently a large animal technician at Cornell’s large animal hospital a role that is enriching her educational experience. Tessa said, “Having Hagyard’s support throughout her educational journey has been a tremendous experience. I was welcomed warmly by the team and had the opportunity to engage in insightful conversations expanding my knowledge of the practice and gained a deeper understanding during all of the interactions.”

About Haygard Equine Medical Institute

For over 145 years, Hagyard-Davidson-McGee Associates, PLLC, has been dedicated to equine health. Founded by Dr. E.T. Hagyard in 1876, the institute, now known as Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, has been a pioneer in equine medicine. The practice’s reputation is built on a commitment to advancing veterinary knowledge and providing state-of-the-art treatments for a diverse clientele, including international breeding operations, racehorses, and pleasure horses. The original practice, expanded over generations, brought together talented veterinarians like Drs. Charlie Hagyard, Arthur Davidson, and William R. McGee. Today, with over 50 veterinarians and a skilled support staff, Hagyard continues to excel, offering unparalleled equine healthcare and unmatched qualifications in the industry.

About The Foundation for the Horse

Established in 1994, The Foundation for the Horse is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to improving the welfare of the horse through Education, Research, and programs impacting Horses at Risk. Governed and stewarded by world-renowned equine veterinarians and equine stakeholders, The Foundation annually awards over $1 million annually in scholarships and grants to impact equine health and well-being throughout the U.S. and developing countries. To learn more, visit www.foundationforthehorse.org.