The Foundation for the Horse, which in mid-January issued a call for contributions through its Disaster Relief Fund to support veterinarians working with wildlife, horses and other livestock affected by the Australia wildfires, recently distributed $25,000 to the Australia Veterinary Association’s Benevolent Fund.

The total, comprised of $15,000 in contributions and a Foundation match on the first $10,000 raised, is helping the many veterinarians impacted by the fires or who provided charitable care to affected animals.

“Thank you to The Foundation and the AAEP membership for the incredibly generous support,” said Jeffrey Wilkinson, national manager of special interest groups for the Australian Veterinary Association. “This is $38,000 Aussie Dollars and will make an enormous difference! Every penny will go to veterinarians and clinics who engaged in bushfire relief, which in turn strengthens fire-ravaged communities here in Australia.”

The devastating wildfires consumed more than 38,000 square miles and killed 33 humans and millions of mammals, including a significant portion of the nation’s koala population. Although The Foundation is devoted to the welfare of horses, the sheer magnitude of the catastrophe and broad veterinary response that included many equine practitioners spurred The Foundation to reach out beyond its mission in this instance.

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The Foundation for the Horse (formerly AAEP Foundation) is a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1994 that serves as the charitable arm of the American Association of Equine Practitioners to improve the welfare of horses. Since its inception, The Foundation has distributed more than $6 million to fulfill its vital mission. For more information, visit

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