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Kenton D. Morgan, DVM, DACT
Kenton D. Morgan, DVM, DACT

Dr. Morgan graduated from the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. He became a Diplomate of the American College of Theriogenologists in 1993.

He practiced equine medicine for eleven years before joining Bayer Animal Health where he was a Senior Technical Services Veterinarian. Prior to joining Zoetis, Dr. Morgan managed the Equine Field Professional Services Team at Fort Dodge Animal Health.

He is well known and respected in the equine industry where he has served on numerous committees and task forces.

Dr. Morgan currently sits on the AQHA Research Committee, the advisory committee for the Equine Disease Communication Center and is a past board member of the AAEP. He has authored white papers/position statements for the AAEP on topics including Veterinary Compounding, Medical Devices and Equine Plasma products. He has also contributed to the reviews of AAEP guidelines regarding equine vaccination. He has chaired the AAEP’s Biologics and Therapeutic Agents committee, Reproduction and Perinatal committee and the Professional Conduct and Ethics committee, as well as co-chaired the External Parasite Control guidelines committee. He also served on the Pediatrics and Leadership Development committees.

He is currently on the United States Animal Health Association equine committee and is a member on the Equine Viral Arteritis and International Transport subcommittee.

Dr. Morgan has authored technical manuals on veterinary antimicrobial therapy. He speaks regionally and nationally to veterinary groups on several topics including reproduction, vaccinology, sedation, parasite control, biosecurity, infectious diseases, and equine industry issues.

A proactive advocate for the AAEP and profession of equine veterinary medicine, he received the AAEP President’s Award in 2015.

As a man with a heart for service, Kenton is not only known well within the equine industry but also within his own community where he serves many.

He previously held the position of chaplain within the Heart of America Council for Boy Scouts of America. He currently serves an adult leader and committee member for Scouts BSA Pack and Troop #43 in Faucett, MO. Recently, for his many years of leadership, service and involvement, Scouts of America named him an Honorary Warrior in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say.

Around Faucett Dr. Morgan is the person who just goes where he sees work needs to be done for others. If you have a loved one in the hospital, he will help make food for you or your family. Whenever there is a storm or someone is in need, he will go to others houses and helps clean up their brush, tills others gardens, pulls shrubs or just help. He never waits for people to ask; he just does for others. Dr. Morgan is a mentor to many far and wide.

Mentee Comments: 

Dr. Kenton Morgan by his mere presence inspires kindness and collegiality; thus is the most important quality of mentorship.
– William A. Moyer, DVM, Billings, MT

Mentors are defined as “experienced or trusted advisors” and usually the mentee is younger and less experienced. Kenton and I have been friends since early college and even though we are similar in age we grew up in vastly different circumstances, i.e., me with lots of brothers and he with all sisters. Somehow out of those environments he emerged as trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. I had to go through years of Boy Scout training to learn these and somehow without additional training he just possessed these traits. Similar ages but from different upbringings that came together in college to mostly my benefit.
– James P. Morehead, DVM, Lexington, KY

Dr. Morgan is the living embodiment of what it means to be “always by the side” of horses and those who care for horses. His knowledge, skill and dedication can only be matched by his empathy, kindness, and sense of good humor. He is truly an inspiration as an equine veterinarian, but even more so, as a man of character and principle. Every person, animal or cause he touches, he makes better. Congratulations for your decades of service and dedication. You have made a lasting impact on the world, and on all the people (and horses!) you have impacted along the way, myself most certainly included.
– Jen Grant, Southern Pines, NC

To be around Dr. Morgan is ‘good and good for you’. I will never be able to truly express my gratitude to this incredible veterinarian, friend, colleague, and all-around human being for the indelible mark he has left on my life. Happy Retirement Kenton – enjoy this next adventure!
– Lauren (P-fister) Bridges, Sarasota, FL

Dr. Morgan! There are so few words to share my gratitude, appreciation, and adoration of you as a person, a leader, an influencer, and a mentor. Your impact on each and every person you interact with makes each of us better people. True mentorship and leadership is making others better simply as a result of your presence, you are that person. Your patience, wisdom, humor, faith, light, encouragement, and support are invaluable, and lasting. Thank you for being you, and for caring so deeply about others. You are truly a hero. With love and gratitude.
– Jodi Lynch Findley, Darlington, MD

Thank you, Dr. Morgan, for all you have done for the equine community, industry, and Zoetis. I couldn’t think of a better person to watch and learn from over the years and will truly miss being ‘Always by your side’. Congratulations on your retirement, may it be long & filled with wonderful adventures to come!
– Amy Poulin Braim, VMD, DACVS-LA, Clinton, NJ

You have always been an inspiration on how to be an industry representative to the equine profession. I will remember all your teachings through the years.
Bobby Cowles, DVM, MS, MBA, Ridgefield, WA

Kenton Morgan – he’s just a good guy that cares about all of us.
– Scott R. McClure, DVM, Boone, IA

Dr. Morgan, I wish you the best of luck in your retirement and I thank you for your guidance, mentorship, and kindness to me.
– Alex Riddle, Lexington, KY

I cannot think of any member of the veterinary profession who epitomizes all that one could wish for in a colleague than Dr. Kent Morgan. He is the kindest, most obliging, and resourceful person that I have been so fortunate to have known for many years, and who has never been found wanting whenever I have sought his help.
– Peter Timoney, MVB, MS, Ph.D., FRCVS, Lexington, KY