Benjamin Franklin, Jr., DVM

Benjamin Franklin, Jr., DVM
Benjamin Franklin, Jr., DVM
Born in Miami, Fla., and raised on a large dairy farm, Dr. Benjamin Franklin, Jr., received his undergraduate education from the University of Florida and his veterinarian degree from Auburn University. Following graduation, Dr. Franklin joined Dr. M.B. Teigland’s practice in the Miami area. He had met Dr. Teigland years prior when he would visit the dairy farm. During breaks from undergrad and veterinary school, Dr. Franklin would spend time working at the practice.
Dr. Franklin placed great concern on the importance of the proper medical approach to each animal in his care and its owner. He also cared deeply about a solid practice and taking care of those within the practice.

Since joining the AAEP in 1969, Dr. Franklin served two separate terms on the board of directors and has applied his experience and expertise as a member of numerous committees, including Racing, Ethics, Purchase Exam, Leadership Development, Nominating, Long-Range Education Planning, Foundation, President’s Advisory, Finance and Abstracts Review. In addition, he also served as chair of the Racing Council and Committee, the Nominating Committee and as the AAEP’s representative to both the American Veterinary Medical Association’s House of Delegates and House Advisory Committee.

Dr. Franklin served as AAEP President in 2000, a year in which the association tackled the issue of medication in racing by developing and approving “Policy on Therapeutic Medication in Race Horses,” which would extend to other disciplines. The year also saw the AAEP launch a horse owner website to engage owners with horse health issues.

Dr. Franklin received the AAEP’s Distinguished Life Member Award in 2013 for his leadership and extensive involvement within the association during his 45 years of membership. He remains active with the association as a scholarship application reviewer and more.

Mentee Comments

Ben Franklin, Jr., a founding member of Teigland, Franklin, and Brokken, was instrumental in helping me grow as a practitioner from the days when I first started working for “TFB.” Ben was the consummate professional. Dr. Franklin helped all of us learn about the benefits of hard work and the nuances of the business side of a busy equine practice. Although Ben has been retired for many years, he is still someone I always feel that I can get advice from. Dr. Franklin was instrumental in getting me involved in AAEP, and I can always remember how many people he went out of his way to introduce me to the first time I went to an annual convention.

– Scott A. Hay, DVM, Teigland, Franklin and Brokken, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Over the 20+ years we worked together, we never experienced a personal problem involving the practice or ourselves.

Ben has been my Mentor through my life as a partner and a friend. Many veterinarians, clients and our technicians were happy to be mentored by Dr. Franklin.

– Thomas D. Brokken, DVM, Southwest Ranches, FL