Taking the Lead

Taking the Lead, the Campaign for the Horse,
is about doing More for the Horse.
It is about securing the Future.

Today, as we look boldly toward the future of the horse we invite all those who care about horses, including veterinarians, equestrians, and horse enthusiasts worldwide to join us in supporting the $10 million – Taking the Lead, the Campaign for the Horse.

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A future in which more students pursue and stay active in equine veterinary medicine.


A future with more discovery in pursuit of innovative treatments and cures.

Horses At Risk

A future with more relief to help horses at risk due to natural disasters, abandonment or the spread of infectious diseases.

The horse has done so much to enrich the lives of humans, and it feels so good to give back to this magnificent friend. Join me – Take the lead and give to the Campaign for the Horse.

– Dr. Monty McInturff

Our mission has never been more important than right now. Because you care about horses, we invite you to watch our video and Join us in Taking the Lead!

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